ROBINSON HILARIO is a well known Pro in the Kiteboarding scene, but a lot of people do not know the full story of him, his roots, obstacles he had to overcome and his way to become the person he is today. This are only small snapshots of his life out of the time we spent with Roby and the conversations we had. He was the first team rider we got under contract when we started our Kitesurf Brand and we were so lucky to have such a Kitesurf Icon in our team from the beginning of our route. During the time he became more than a team rider, he became a good friend and part of the family.

Picture: Good times in Cabarete with Roby and his wife Estephany

Roby was born in La Cienega de Cabarete, where he still lives with his family. La Cienega is kind of a poor neighbourhood near Cabarete where also a lot other pro-riders grew up and live. Homes and infrastructure are made on top of the swampy land. The people in this area we met are so friendly and open minded. During the time we spent there, it feels like the people are a big community. On the other side we also heard, that it is kind of dangerous and weapons are kind of present. As we spend most of the time with Roby there, we never felt uncomfortable or unsafe.

Picture: Robinson is getting some fresh coconuts at his backyard of his home at La Cienega de Cabarete

Roby grew up without parents. His mother moved to Santo Domingo when Roby was 1 year old and she couldn’t take him with her and raise him due to her work and being single. So Roby lived at his grandparents place at La Cienega.

Picture: Robinson in young years

Early on he started to work on the beach after school, helping tourist landing and launching kites and setting up their gear. Although Roby wanted to study (architecture) he had to make the decision working on the beach due to lack of money. The beach offers young Dominicans an opportunity, it's a dream of a lot young Dominicans to become a professional kitebaorder although it's very hard to get the chance to ride due to the expensive kitebaording gear which they cannot effort. As soon as Roby had the chance to get on the water to try it out, he took it and the addiction began, he found his purpose in life.

Picture: Robinson and Luis Alberto Cruz

Picture: Robinson with his friends Luis, Ariel, Posito and Co.

While working and training he became the rider he is today. He was promoting CosmicKite (Kiteboarding Apparel Brand) in the beginning of his kiteboarding career and very soon CosmicKite introduced Roby to F-ONE in 2011, where he signed his first contract and where he is still an international team rider.

“F-ONE is more than just a Sponsor for me, I am very thankful to belong to the F-ONE family and the trust they put in me.“ - Robinson Hilario

From there on he started to compete on the PKRA & VKWC World Tour and was travelling all around the world to the different competition spots and foto/video shoots from F-ONE. On his first competition in 2011 he became fourth place, so a dream came true getting into the TOP 5 on his first World Tour Stop with all the big Kiteboarding names.

Picture: Robinson starting his professional career

Picture: Robinson's first article in a Kiteboarding Magazine

As we saw the movie ANTONDROY ( the first time, we decided to get in contact with Roby, because he would be the perfect fit for our brand. It didn’t take long and we had a Pro on our side joining us on our journey. Roby spend several trips in Berlin with us. As he was travelling a lot and his girlfriend Estephany was pregnant in 2014, it was kind of a challenge and hard time for Roby to get everything under one head for him. His little girl Dashley was born on March 26, 2014 while he was in Berlin and heading to the next PKRA stop. On the one hand Roby was full of joy and proudness of his new born girl Dashley, on the other hand also full of sadness not being with his wife and his new born baby.

Picture: Robinson and his daughter Dashley (2015)

Roby took a break from the world tour this year and is currently training hard for 2017 and working in parallel to take care of his family. His most important responsibility in life is his family, especially his daughter and as he always says... > “I want a good future for her, I want that she becomes whatever she want’s to be in life.“ - *Robinson Hilario*

Picture: Roby with his wife Estephany and his daughter Dashley

If you are around Cabarete, stop by at Big Willy’s Kite School ( and you will most likely meet him as he works there half of the day. If it is windy and he is not around, you will most likely see him training at Kitebeach or La Boca where a lot of his legendary Kitevideos were shot. > “We are happy to have you on board Roby and looking forward to an awesome year 2017.“ - *CDK*

Picture: Robinson's off-water training session

Picture: Robinson training at La Boca

CDK TEAM from Berlin

PS: There are only a few riders in the world who can live just from the sport. Kiteboarding is still quite young, but for sure that will change. A lot big companies are pushing into that market and realized the beauty and future of this sport and also the WORLD KITEBOARDING LEAGUE – WKL ( is pushing the sport to the next level and making the sport more attractive to the general public.